August 18

Launch Your Zenler School in 14 Days



If you're just getting started with New Zenler, then it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

Because New Zenler is an all-in-one platform, it can be hard to decide where even to start.

As course creators, our first instinct can be to start loading our course content and making some sales.

With this 14-Day checklist, I hope to give you a start point for your journey with New Zenler.

Day 1 & 2 - Lead Magnet Funnel, Content Import & Payment Processing

In the first two days, your primary goal is to get your lead magnet funnel going. A lead magnet ensures continuity of business (assuming you're moving from another platform).

Before you even get to creating your course, you want to start collecting leads. And a lead magnet funnel allows you to do just that.

You will also spend some time importing content to New Zenler.


If you're moving from Teachable OR Thinkific, then Zenler support will move all of your content. Just email their support team to open a ticket. 

Finally, within the first two days, you'd want to get your payment systems connected. New Zenler supports stripe & Paypal during the writing of this blog.

Day 3 - Student Import, Branding, and Custom Domain

Now that you have your lead magnet funnel up and running, it's time to import your students in New Zenler. You can create empty shell courses so that you can add students to them.

We will get to designing your course sales pages shortly.

You also want to spend day 3 in setting up your branding under Site > Settings and connecting custom domain (if any). 

Day 4 - 7 - Create your course pages

Three days might not be enough time for you to design your course sales page if you're a perfectionist!

For me, perfection is the enemy of done.

That is why I've only put three days for this task.

The beauty of New Zenler is it's super simple page editor with drag and drop blocks.

It makes it super easy to design beautiful looking pages within a matter of minutes. 

Are you looking for design inspiration? Checkout ZZ Templates for pages built on New Zenler. 

If you're in the official New Zenler FB group, then there is a thread dedicated to sites built on New Zenler. It can be a good starting point instead of staring at a blank canvas.

Day 8 - Site Settings

There is a lot of tiny details that go under the hood. So we're going to dedicate an entire day just going through all of the site settings.

Fear not, I have an entire lesson dedicated to site settings!

Day 9 - Zapier/Pabbly Integration

This step is entirely optional. Because New Zenler is an all-in-one platform, you technically should not need to connect it to another platform using zapier.

But we all love the tools that we don't want to part.

For example, I use Thrivecart for my school and enroll students in my Zenler school using Pabbly (Zapier alternative).

Similarly, you might have a favorite tool like Flodesk or Convertkit, etc.

If so, you'd want to spend some time connecting it with New Zenler using an integration tool like Pabbly.

Day 10 - Community Setup

With the New Zenler pro account, you get unlimited communities. Today you should take some time to set up a student community where your students will interact with you and other fellow students.

You can set up a site-wide community and also attach a community to a specific course.

More on communities over here. 

Access the 14 Day Checklist in Notion

Launch Your Zenler School in 14 Days 2

Day 11 - Setup email integration

We get 100K emails per month on the pro plan, along with the use of Zenler's built-in email marketing platform. 

However, I'm married to moosend when it comes to email marketing platforms. 

Zenler provides us with direction integrations with 5 of the most used email marketing platforms i.e. 

  • Moosend
  • Mailchimp
  • Mailerlite
  • Converkit
  • ActiveCampaign

One thing to remember is that these integrations are a one way street as of now. 

Data will only flow from New Zenler to your Email Service Provider and not vice versa. 

Day 12 and 13 - Test, Test, Test

Did I mention testing?

Spend the last few days testing the platform to ensure everything is flowing smoothly.

Are your students able to sign-up for your free course?

Are your checkout pages set up correctly?

Do you have your order bumps setup?

You should test the end-to-end functionality, so you don't lose any revenue come launch day.

Day 14 - Launch time

By now, your school is ready to launch. It is time to publish that course and start marketing your course.

As the song goes, "Ain't no rest for the wicked, Money don't grow on trees."

Nonetheless, you've achieved a significant milestone. Sit back and sip a cup of your favorite beverage before you hit the road running to get some sales.

Congratulations course hero on successfully launching your course.

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First off, thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you've seen the video and got to know me a little by now. I started my course creation journey in 2015 when we had our 1st baby boy. My wife was home on maternity leave and we came up with the idea to create an online course while she had the time off from work. Four years later.....

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