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Below are some commonly asked questions about New Zenler. 

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What does the current BETA Pricing mean?

The current BETA pricing allows you to get positioned as a founding member at either Pro/Premium level, the current prices will remain the same, for you, indefinitely.

Is the price going to increase from the second year?

The special founding member pricing is not just for the first year but the same super discounted price every year.

What is the ETA for launch / when will BETA end?

New Zenler team does not give out ETA’s, as they're building a solid foundation pre-launch. No set date.

What are the differences between BETA and Pro?

PRO: White labeling, Custom Domain & Live feature, No Transaction fees

BETA: 10% fee for every course sale, a limit on emails (1k) and leads(5k)

How long will the current BETA Pricing be in place?

No set date, COVID19 has allowed the New Zenler team to take a step back and assist as many course creators to get set up as cost-efficiently as possible.

When do Partner Programme payouts happen

Zenler payout is on the 1st of each month provided they have met 30-day money back. Otherwise, it will be carried over to next month’s payouts.

Who do you mean by NZ founding member?

It is anyone who gets in on any of the pricing plans before the launch.

Can I move later to Premium at the same level that I get in?

Yes, as a special deal for founding members - you are locked in at the level you get in. So you can move from Pro to Premium at the level you get in.

This means if you get in at the current discounted price on Beta, you could move to that current discounted price on Premium at any point later - just for the founding members.

Is there a monthly payment plan?

Pricing is already heavily discount for founding members. There is not advertised monthly plan that is available out of the box. However if needed [email protected] can set you up on Monthly, however note that yearly will be the best value.

Will you have a Free plan when you launch?

Yes, there will be a free plan with features limited to Course Creation and Delivery. However, it is not really recommend this for serious course creators.

Is any transaction fee taken when selling courses on Free Beta?

10% Transaction fees on Free Beta. 0% when you upgrade to Paid plans(Pro/Premium).

How can I Autoplay a Video on a Lesson?

You can enable autoplay for the videos added to the course curriculum (Course-> Curriculum-> Enable Video Autoplay). But please note you cannot enable autoplay for videos on Pages yet.

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My wife was home on maternity leave and we came up with the idea to create an online course while she had the time off from work.

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  • Can I create a PWA (Progressive Web Apps)?

  • Sorry, let me ask you another question.
    I want to add a time zone converter function to my website.
    Is it possible?

  • Last question…I promise!
    I saw NZ’s courses > curriculum builder, and it is a two-level structure.
    Is it possible to change to a three-level structure if I ask someone who can be coding?

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