May 24

Set up custom events for Facebook Pixel on your New Zenler School



In this article, let us explore how to install and set up custom events for your Facebook Pixel on your New Zenler school

How to install Facebook Pixel to your New Zenler School

To install Facebook Pixel on your New Zenler School, you need to have Facebook Ads Manager set up on your Facebook Account and and also a Pixel created already.

Step 1 > Go to integrations in your New Zenler Site Dashboard

Open your New Zenler admin console and click on site on the top menu. Click on integrations in the left panel.

Go to the dashboard and click on site and then click on integrations

Scroll down to the bottom and you can see a Facebook Pixel integration option there. Click on the "Connect with Facebook Pixel" button.

scroll down and select the facebook pixel integration. click on Connect with Facebook Pixel

Step 2 > Getting the Pixel ID for your Pixel

Log in to your Facebook page and go to Facebook Events Manager. Click on Data Sources from the left panel and select the pixel that you want to use. Copy the Pixel ID of that pixel.

Go to events manager and copy the pixel id from Data sources

Step 3 > Paste the code in your integrations

Go back to your Facebook Pixel integration in New Zenler admin and paste the Pixel ID. Click on save.

Paste the pixel id and hit on save

It will show a green "active" symbol with your pixel id near the integrations. Now your Pixel is integrated successfully with your New Zenler Site.

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Testing Custom Events with Facebook Pixel on your New Zenler Site.

Now let us see how to test the custom events.

Test 1 > Viewing page view events

Preview your New Zenler website in a new tab to test the page view. And then go back to the Facebook Ads Manager console.

Under "Test Events" You can see that there is a PageView event triggered.

go to adsmanager and hit on test events, you can see that it has started processing the page view

Test 2 > Lead sign up event

Now let us see how a lead sign up shows in the ads manager console.

For this open any of the marketing funnels in your New Zenler site in a new tab and sign in with a test name and email.

open a marketing funnel and sign in as a lead

Once you signs up as a lead, your name and email will be shown in the leads section in your New Zenler School

you can see that I have signed up as a lead with a sample name and email

Now let us look how it is triggered in the Ads Manager. Go back to the Ads manager and refresh the page. Click on "Test Events" like before and now you can see that there is a lead event triggered.

You can see that the lead shows up in the adsmanager as well

If you expand the event you can see the details of the sign up like the funnel name and the email.

Test 3 > Course purchase event

You can also try enrolling yourself to a free course and see the activity in the Ads Manager as well. A purchase/enroll in a course would show like this

Enroll yourself into a free course and see the events veing triggered in Facebook Pixel

You can see there are two events one is initiate checkout and the other is purchase. You can use the data from Facebook Pixel to get better conversions from your Facebook ads.

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