January 4, 2022 12:45 pm


How To Charge For Webinars in New Zenler

How to charge for webinars in New Zenler

New Zenler has finally launched the functionality for course creators to charge for live classes.
Let's see how you can get started charging for your upcoming webinars.

Step 1: Create your Live Class/Webinar

Head over to the live section of your New Zenler school and choose a Live Class or Webinar.

Step 1 - Select your live class

Step 2: Add Live Class/Webinar Details

Fill in your Live Class/Webinar details on this step before proceeding to the final step. 

Step 2 - Add details

Step 3: Choose A Template

Select one of the pre-built templates for your Live Class/Webinar and click on finish. 

Step 3 - Choose template

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Step 4: Add Pricing

Once you have created a new Live Class/Webinar you will see a Pricing tab. 

Step 4 - Add pricing

Simply fill in the details on the pricing page and then click on the Add button. 

Step 5 - pricing options

Voila! There you have it. That is how you can start charging for your Live Classes/Webinars using New Zenler 💰

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At the time of writing this, New Zenler only offers One Time Payment for Live Classes / Webinars. 

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