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How To Set-up 1:1 Meetings in New Zenler

How to set-up 1:1 meetings in New Zenler

In this tutorial let us see how to set-up 1:1 meetings in New Zenler.

There are two step in this process. The first one is creating a google form which people can fill in before booking an appointment with you. The second step is adding a Calendly appointment page in New Zenler.

Creating a course for the one on one Call

Let us first create a course in New Zenler, which we will use for the one on one appointment booking.

Creating a course

Go to the admin dashboard of your New Zenler school, click on courses from the top panel. click on create course from the bottom section.

Go to Dashboard then Couses and click on create course

Put in the Course name and other details and click on save.

Here we are giving the course name as "One on One Call" and also a suitable subtitle for the course.

put in the course name and description and click on create course

Once the course is created and the course editor comes up, change the name of the first section from "Untitled Section" to a more suitable one like "Book the Call"

Edit the name of the section and hit save changes

Adding lessons to the course

Since there are two steps in this course (The google form part and the appointment booking part), we have to create two lessons.

Click on the "Add Lesson" Button from the left to add a new button.

add a new lesson and give the lesson a name

You can give a suitable name for the lesson like "Fill out the Form", then mark the lesson as compulsory and then click on save changes.

Similarly we can create another lesson for the Booking part.

We can give the lesson name as "Book the call" or something similar.

Now create another lesson which says book a call

Now that the two lessons are created, let us create a google form to collect information. 

Setting up the Google form to collect information

Adding the Google Form to course curriculum 

For this part you will need to create a google form with all the relevant questions that you need the answers from the client.

If you don't know how to set up a google form, here is a video about Google Forms

Create a google forms and once ready click on send

For the tutorial we have created a contact information form.

Once the form is ready, click "Send" from the top.

From the pop up click on the "Embed" Icon as Shown in the image below, and then click on "Copy" to copy the code.

click on the embed section and copy the code by clicking the copy button

Once you copy the embed HTML code, go back to the first lesson of the course and click on "Text".

go back to the course curriculum section and click on text

Now, open the HTML editor mode by clicking the "Code" icon at the top left and paste the code below. Once you have pasted the code click on save.

go to the code editor and paste the code and hit on save

The first part of the booking process is done. Now let us set up a Calendly Event and add it to the second lesson.

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Setting up Calendly event for Appointment Booking

Adding the Calendly appointment page to the course curriculum 

For this part you need to set up a Calendly account and also an event for which people can book the session. If you are not aware of setting up an event on Calendly, watch this video on YouTube.

Once you have a Calendly event set up, click on the "Share" button for that particular event.

go to calendly and create an event

On the next step, select "Add to Website" option from the top and select the first option which says "Embed Inline", finally click on continue.

go to add to website section and select embed inline and click on continue

You can further customize the colors of the booking page and once you are done, click on "Copy Code"

you can further customize if you want once you are done click on copy code

Now go back to the second lesson on New Zenler and click on the "Text" option.

go back to course curriculum and click on text

Similar to the first lesson, open the HTML editor from the top and paste the code and click on Save.

open code editor and paste the code and click on save

All Done! You have successfully created and set up the Booking set up in New Zenler. You can Preview the set up by clicking on the Preview Button ("Eye Symbol" as shown in the image below).

all done you can preview the course and test it out

In the preview you can see that the Google Form and the Calendly Appointment page is now embed in the course curriculum


Google Form Lesson


Calendly Appointment Booking Section

Make sure to Publish the course by clicking the "Publish" button at the top.

make sure that you publish your course

You have now successfully created a one on one call booking set up in New Zenler.

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